Sometimes Jon gets involved in these hugs too…



Not much to report at the moment…but here’s some pics of Barney and Mike hugging over the years…


Here are our tour dates with Witching Waves u skinny rats!

Tuesday 3rd December - Troyganic Bar & Cafe, Kingsland Rd, London with Tense Men, Gloss Rejection, Shudder Pulps

Wednesday 4th December - Wahlbar, Manchester with Groves, A Winning Pair

Thursday 5th December - JT Soar, Nottingham with The Hipshakes

Friday 6th December - WANT US TO PLAY??!

Saturday 7th December - Gland Rock all-dayer, Southsea Social Club, Portsmouth

Sunday 8th December - Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton with Sealings, Keel Her

Now that it’s cold.

Been very quiet on this thing lately…we had a nice summer though…

We recorded our ALBUM with MJ of Hookworms in Leeds…

We are still in the mixing process of this, but we hope to have this complete soon and ready for your ears after the new year sometime…we’re welcoming all title suggestions, but will probably ignore every one…

THEN we went to Italy to play a festival where no one knew us, but treated us better than at home…

The festival was in Sardinia, where it was hot and filled with generous folks.

We ate lots of pizza in Leeds, and even better pizza in Italy.

And now it’s cold again. And once again we’re not all living in London. And the football is back on.

Before this year, which has been a rather fun one, ends though, we’ve got a bunch of really rad shows lined up, with one or two more possibly lined up hopefully…all listed to the right.

The main thing to mention on this point is a short tour we’ll be doing in December with WITCHING WAVES, which we are still booking some dates for…more detailed news on that soon…

And bye.


18 / 10 / 13 Brighton
Spiderland, Italy.


Keep this Friday free for the last bombast exhibition!
Featuring new works from…

Paul Thiry
Owen Lacey
Mike Nicolls
Sam Blewett
Joss Heierli
Laura O’Neill.

Plenty of booze as per usual.
Lots of love, Mike x


We’re very excited to finally announce the details of our debut 7” EP.

The Housebound EP will be available online and in shops on August 12th via the wonderful Faux Discx.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Side A:
The Tenth

Side B:

The EP is the second of the new Monotone single series that Faux Discx have begun compiling, the first of these features the ace Teardrop Factory.

The record will be LTD to 300 copies, and also includes a digital download code.

We recorded these tracks a while back now, and we are stoked to finally bring them to you on vinyl!

To celebrate this event further, we’re throwing a special record release party… we got to invite some of our favourite bands to play too, check it! It’s free…

More info on it all over here

Other future plans include another possible 7” EP, and two releases for the forthcoming Cassette Store Day events.

Lately we’ve been busy writing an album… the process has looked a bit like this:

We are in fact heading to Leeds next week to record the damn thing!

BUT before ANY of this happens, we’ll be playing this rad looking show in Manchester with the “axis of dogs” (Dog Legs & Dog Chocolate)
Been a while since we’ve ventured up north…so if you are based there, do come!

Finally - a bit extra-curricular - but if you’ve got stomach for more news, Jon has launched his new solo EP under the Raymond Detritus moniker. Here is Legacy: